Module 6: Fibonacci Trading

4 months ago

Module 6: Fibonacci Trading

Fibonacci Basics Some fun reading on the Golden Mean that shows just how deep the Fibonacci ratios run in society, music, art and the universe. The Golden Mean — Subhash Kak, Louisiana State Divergence Trading.


School Circle — Fibonacci Trading
Here are some quick videos covering Fibs. School Circle videos are designed to be short 2-10 minute videos you can use to easily access important information about a specific subject matter.

Setting Up Fib Retracements

Setting Up Fib Extensions

  • Identifying the Impulse Leg
  • School Circle — Divergence Trading
  • Counter -Trend: The Aggressive Trader
  • Divergence: The Intermediate Trader
  • Divergence: The Conservative Trader


Video Training

This is an early video I did on Fibonnaci analysis. Although my teaching techniques have improved since this video there is a lot of valuable information you can get from it.

Intro to Fibonacci Trading

Identifying the Impulse Leg

Trend-Trading Fibs: Trading the Fib Failure Pattern Using a 3 Bar Reversal


Paint Bar Code

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  2. Lessons > Module 6 May 26, 2010 Fib Training — Live Sessions
  3. Trading the 3 Bar Reversal — 05/26/2010
  4. Divergence Trading — 05/27/2010
  5. Continuation of Fib Trading, The Psychology of Decision Making — 05/28/2010

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